Friday, 20 January 2012

Come Join The Film Smash Forums Today!

If you've been a member of the Asian Film Internet Community as long as I have you may have heard of a website once known as KFCCinema. A News and reviews site that covered all the latest releases from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and other places. The site also hosted what was at the time one of the most active forum communities and in my early days as an Asian film enthusiast it proved indispensable in being able to find out what were the best releases for whatever film you were looking for and also provided a lot of fun banter between it's members.

Sadly, the site had to shutdown do to various problems but it wasn't long before some former members managed to start a new site called Film Smash. The forum has recently gone through a revamp and we're looking for people to join our site, join in with the posting and hopefully rebuild the reputation that was set down by KFCCinema.

Hope to see you all there:

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