Wednesday, 6 June 2012

5 Things To Love About Flash Future Kung Fu

Here's five reason's why you should love Kirk Wong's bizarre Dystopian Sci-Fi Action Adventure film starring none other then Wang Lung-Wei!

Number Five: Futuristic Wonder Car

A Sci-Fi movie should always strive to create a setting that conveys the time period in which the film is set and this monstrosity looks like it was stolen right from the set of Mad Max 2. Screw The Delorean, I want one of these parked outside my house!

Number Four: Attack of the Neo-Nazi Chinese Karate Fighters

It seems Nazism has risen in the futuristic world of Flash Future Kung Fu and this time they know Karate. It's wonderfully bizarre ideas like this that remind me why I love Hong Kong movies. If you're wondering why this is happening, I wouldn't worry as the film has nothing closely resembling a coherent plot whatsoever.

Number Three: Zombie Arcade

Another What The Hell?! moment comes whenever we find the film's main characters in a bizarre place that seems to be some kind of Video Game Arcade. People huffing from gas masks, bare chested men flexing and depressing live concerts are just some of the delightfully strange and wonderful sights seen in this nightmare inducing place.

Number Two: Special Guest Appearance

Just when the film is hurtling through a crescendo of weirdness, things take an unexpected turn. Well, as unexpected as it can be with this film. None other then Elvis Tsui turns up as a speedo wearing Muay Thai fighter who faces off against our stalwart hero.

Number One: Real Man's Man

Of all the film's I've seen feature Wang Lung-Wei, this has to be the only one which he was the leading man. Also this is by far the manliest role we've seen him play as we witness him chop down trees, scoff down chunks of meat and take shots to the stomach in a manly fashion. It has to be to be believed.

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